Enterprise Data Architecture

The Noetic approach simplifies complex subjects, and aligns technology and data management with your business strategy. The Noetic Enterprise Data Architecture is a fully-integrated collection of data management components for large and small financial services firms, based upon the Noetic Master Model. Our clients use the Noetic Architecture to manage a range of key topics:

1. client & counterparty information, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), demographics, credit and global taxes
2. standard and customized product, issue and instrument information
3. time-series pricing history
4. operational data throughout the transaction lifecycle
5. advanced, predictive analytics used for business decision support.

The Noetic enterprise architecture is the enlightened way to manage business information. Given all of the complexity needed to manage information systems, Noetic brings simplicity and rational structures to bear.

The Noetic Master Model supports all of the elements needed to manage straight through processing for your business. It is a highly-extensible Hybrid Form, Entity Relationship data model that handles all of the requirements for global investment activities. It is installed on secure cloud services as well as traditional data management infrastructures, and can be implemented as a turn-key solution for small to medium sized businesses seeking agile solutions without the sophisticated price tag.

The components of a Noetic solution deliver a solid foundation for strategic enterprise information management:

• Noetic Data Strategy
• Business process management
• Noetic Master Model (NMM)™
• Noetic Enterprise Data Architecture to refine the need for new and modified business systems
• Data integration, data warehousing, and advanced reporting initiatives.