Global Bank #3 – Data Strategy

The company

A global financial services company engaging in banking and related businesses, including wholesale and consumer mortgage banking, an array of consumer lending products, commercial finance, securities brokerage and investment banking and venture capital investment.

The Challenge

The client had a portfolio of poorly integrated product processing systems, decision analytics, and data management systems. There had been a lack of investment in legacy computing infrastructure, conflicting data management practices developed to close gaps in infrastructure and analytics capabilities. The actual direct and indirect cost of resources needed to support original, operational data management activities was more than double the estimated direct cost for a well-designed, well-managed data management platform and operation, and the effect of lost revenue opportunities was significant.

Our solution

Noetic defined the enterprise data strategy with business users, and worked with IT to define the core use cases, data models and requirements to support a “straight-through-processing” infrastructure. Noetic developed the reference data and transaction data warehousing strategy and plan and led the program management team for reference data and warehouse development.


The new architecture delivers near real-time data access to business and operational functions using the Noetic data model and Ab Initio continuous flow messaging, which populate Teradata marts and a Cognos BI layer. The platform reduces time required for data processing and reconciliations by orders of magnitude, and improved operational efficiencies for product management, financial and risk data teams. In addition, the solution enabled increased accuracy of data, predictive modeling for non-performing loans, identification of cross-selling opportunities, and netted loan-level economic value.