Financial Reference & Master Data Services

The Noetic Master Model is a fully-integrated Reference and Master Data Management system that supports all account and product management functions required for global investment operations.  It is the most comprehensive, enterprise account and product management platform solution for brokers, investment managers, hedge funds and proprietary traders.

The Noetic Master Model® delivers complete, State of the Industry Account Management capabilities for Global Investment Management for Institutions and Individuals:

  • Institutional Sales & Trading
  • Proprietary Accounts
  • Retail Brokerage
  • Private Banking
  • Retirement Plans
  • Wrap Accounts
  • Investment Banking
  • Trusts
  • Global Cash & Collateral Management

Complete Investment Functionality

  • Margin, Securities Lending,
  • Investment Profile and Risk scoring for Qualified Investors as well as mom and pop
  • Global Postal Information
  • ISO Countries, Currencies, Instruments, Sectors
  • Multi-currency (180 ISO Currencies)
  • Multi-language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French)
  • Ownership Information

Regulatory & Legal Compliance

  • Global Anti-Money Laundering
  • Global KYC
  • Global FATCA
  • Global Witholding Tax Treatment & Tax Treaty Management

Increased global regulatory pressure and a fragmented regulatory landscape have changed the global financial industry forever.  Financial Institutions now understand the value of adaptive client and counterparty data management capabilities.  New regulatory requirements are driving financial institutions to face the challenges of continuously improving business and operational processes, reducing operating costs while increasing operational responsiveness,  managing technology infrastructures, and to adapting to the changing market place.

Now, for a few select partners, the Noetic Master Model and Data Management Solution is available.  The Noetic Master Model has been developed in partnership with the support of several of the world’s most successful investors and bankers.  It is secure, fully cloud-enabled and web-based.  It can be licensed, installed and fully operational within 30 to 60 days, for most clients.

The Noetic Master Model delivers a single system, with contemporary, up-to-date regulatory and legal requirements already included.  Noetic gives decision makers a timely, accurate, relevant, well-defined, complete and consistent view of data and information across multiple regions, departments and systems.  The results for our current clients are dramatic and wholly positive.  They are successfully achieving the elusive goal – a consolidated version of the truth across enterprise data.